A Safe Haven for Newborns is offered to everyone, especially young women who are hiding their pregnancy, who might otherwise abandon their unwanted newborn in a dumpster, a field, canal or some other unsafe place, an unthinkable act, but an act of panicked desperation by mothers who believe themselves to be abandoned, without support or resources.


We are dedicated to eliminating the ultimate in infant abuse, abandonment, through education, prevention, direct assistance and grass roots community involvement.

As the safety net, we are possibly the last resort for a desperate pregnant young woman with her newborn, at her moment of crisis, very often facing life and death issues, two lives saved, the innocent newborn and their mother.

The lifeline of our organization is our national, 24/7, confidential, multilingual, referral helpline. We assist a young woman as she makes her decision in the best interest of her baby and herself, whether with counseling, parenting, health related issues, adoption or confidentially placing her newborn with a Safe Haven.

  • A pregnant young woman’s lifeline…Our nationwide, confidential, 24/7, multilingual, referral helpline handles over 2,000 calls annually.
  • Over 5,000 young women were positively impacted and helped in order to regain their own life.
  • We assist young mothers who choose a different option, that of a private licensed adoption agency of THEIR choice.
  • On-going statewide Safe Haven education and community awareness campaigns and outreach.
  • Assisted parents to successfully regain their parental rights.
  • 240 precious newborns have been saved from abandonment and an almost sure death. They now have a chance for a future, lots of love and a forever family.


To quote a Florida Fire Chief- “this is an awesome program, your efforts cannot be praised enough- You are doing great work that will impact eternity. God bless you.”

I sincerely thank you on behalf of every little one who now has a chance for a future.

Nick Silverio, Founder

 Member of:guidestar-logo-2011

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All proceeds from the sales of these items are used to enable us to assist pregnant girls and women in crisis and to support the Safe Haven for Newborns 24/7 multilingual, referral helpline and our ongoing statewide community outreach efforts.

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