The meaning of life is to live a life of meaning.

 The Beginning

After the Tragic loss of his Dear wife Gloria of 31 years who was involved in a car accident caused by a speeding driver, Nick Silverio wanted to continue her memory and spirit through charitable works. He knew there was no better way to do this _GloriaRoundedthen to focus on the people she continually helped most in her life – children and the elderly. Gloria and Nick had two(2) miscarriages and therefore had no children of their own but they were Godparents to 14 children and nurtured all the nieces and nephews in their family. He researched and found that the Florida Legislature had passed a Safe Haven Law in July, 2000. Nick thought what an immeasurable work of goodness to help save little lives, the most innocent and helpless among us and knew this would be his new purpose in life. So, he created the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, a 501(C)3 Florida not for profit organization and named the first major project “A Safe Haven for Newborns” in response to the tragedy of newborn abandonment in Florida.

The Foundation started in Miami and today thru a grass roots approach and our public awareness efforts, we now reach across all 67 Florida Counties. We have “Partnered” with the Florida Fire Chiefs Association, Emergency Medical Services, Hospitals and many other organizations and agencies in the State.

The organization grew quickly by creating an advisory board; developing our 24/7 referral help line; establishing “Safe Haven” chapters by county; creating and producing materials/videos; focusing on “partnering” statewide; getting the media involved; establishing a volunteer network and developing our efficient administrative systems including our website.

The lifeline of the organization was and remains our 24/7 statewide multilingual help line, which was initially created to assist young mothers who were considering the “Safe Haven” option or wanted to know more about the law. It has grown into helping pregnant girls/women or mothers in crisis or need covering a wide variety of issues.

Many little lives have been saved as of this writing but there is so much more to do. We believed from the beginning, if only one life is saved, all of our efforts would be worthwhile.

The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation was created as a 501(c)3 charitable organization to continue the kind deeds Gloria did on a daily basis, especially for children and the elderly, and to perpetuate her memory and spirit. It is natural to idolize and try to make saints of our dear departed loved ones. This tribute is not about that at all. It is about acknowledging a life that was meaningful, a life that made a difference in the lives of the many whom she touched – family, friends and strangers. Just ask them. Gloria’s philosophy of life was Christian based: to serve the Lord, to love your family unequivocally, to be kind, non-judgmental, compassionate and help your fellow man without fanfare and expecting nothing in return – to make a positive difference in the world. Gloria frequently gave her time, talent and treasure to family, friends and strangers alike. She always shared her kindness behind the scenes, never wanting to bring attention to herself – It truly embarrassed her. “Glo” was the center of our family – loving and kind to everyone. She was the confidant, providing wise counsel and advice to the children as well as the adults.Some of the kids in the family treated her as their second mother and looked forward to spending any amount of time at our home.She loved to have family gatherings at our home for all the holidays and virtually any other occasion throughout the year. There was always plenty of great food presented, laughter and love shown – everyone always felt comfortable and welcomed in our home. “Glo” was very partial to children and the elderly. They held a special place in her heart.She would make children feel very special and always provided encouragement – taking the time to listen and become involved in whatever interested them. She sponsored many kids in need within our family, kids of friends or from youth/church/community organizations. She was also a consistent supporter of our church, St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., the girls/boys club of America and the Humane Society. We experienced miscarriages during our marriage and therefore we did not have children of our own. She would have been an absolutely terrific mother. Glo helped the elderly too – She would take them for their medical appointments, shopping, errands, visiting them at home or in the hospital, help pay their bills, call them frequently and assist with governmental issues, and financial help when necessary, etc. Gloria had a very sweet personality. She always had a sparkle in her eyes.She was a very compassionate and kind person who did not have any prejudices toward anyone.She had a terrific work ethic. Gloria was the most honest, loyal, trustworthy, responsible person I ever knew or will ever know. I could always count on her no matter what. Gloria was just a beautiful person inside and out.

A coincidence or a message?

On September 14, 2001, the first baby left in Miami-Dade County since the Florida law was enacted was left at a Fire Rescue Station in Carol City, Florida. The Fire Rescue Personnel gave the baby the name: Carol Gloria. “Carol” for Carol City and “Gloria” for the firefighters in the tragic events of New York City on September 11, 2001.

On a Father’s Day, a little girl was left at a fire station safely in the arms of a fire fighter. She was named Gloria Hope. Of all the possible names to choose from, the name “Gloria” was selected.

What do you believe?


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