Need for A Safe Haven for Newborns:

An escalating crisis in the world….. Mothers are keeping their pregnancy a secret, then disposing of the baby after birth in dumpsters, fields, canals, hotel bathrooms, and other hazardous places often resulting in death.

Why would a person hurt their baby, two common denominators present themselves-isolation and denial. The tragic life and death decision destroyed the lives of these babies and it made their mothers criminals. Two lives lost unnecessarily.

We are dedicated to eliminating the ultimate in infant abuse, abandonment, through education, prevention, direct assistance and grass roots community involvement.

As the safety net, we are possibly the last resort for a pregnant young woman with her newborn at her moment of crisis, very often facing life and death issues, two lives saved, the precious newborn and their mother.

The lifeline of our organization is our statewide confidential, 24/7 multilingual, referral helpline. We assist them as they make their decision in the best interest of their baby and themselves, whether with counseling, parenting, health related issues, adoption or confidentially placing their newborn with a “Safe Haven For Newborns”.

Safe Haven Baby

“I want to thank you for what you have done for me-I really, really appreciated it. You are saving lives. I know God will continue to bless you and guide you along the way. You have helped me during my very difficult time and have made a difference in my life.
I want to tell young girls, if you are pregnant and need help, call Safe Haven, It is confidential. They are very kind and will not judge you. Please, please help this wonderful program, any amount will be appreciated.” -C.G.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to save the lives of innocent little babies. If I would have had the chance that young girls and women have today with Florida Safe Haven for Newborn option, I would have saved my baby’s life.
There are babies now being fed, rocked and loved today because of everyone associated with the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation-A Safe Haven for Newborns.”

“When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t know what to do. I thought that if I just didn’t think about it and acted like it wasn’t happening, the situation I was in would resolve itself. I kept my entire pregnancy hidden from my family and friends and isolated myself for three months. All I had was the support of two very close friends…until I called Safe Haven. When I called I knew that my due date was days away. I was so distressed and so alone, and hadn’t put a lot thought into what I was going to do when it actually came time to deliver the baby. The call to Safe Haven was the best decision” -B.

safe haven

FALL: Each year, at our ANNUAL GALA, we celebrate the lives of the most innocent and helpless among us, newborns. The highlight of the evening is seeing the real-life impact of Safe Haven throughout the Florida communities, through very moving testimonies.

SPRING: 5K WALK. Join us as we walk to raise awareness and funds to save babies from the ultimate in infant abuse, abandonment.

It’s a fun day for all. Enjoy refreshments and activities after the walk.

safe haven events

Hospitals, Fire stations/EMS, middle/high schools, colleges/universities, Florida Department of Health, trade schools, law enforcement, adoption agencies, crisis pregnancy centers, healthy start coalitions, clinics, healthy families, department of children & families, religious organizations, homeless shelters, 211 helplines, detention facilities, youth groups, public sector, corporations, 211 helplines, media, and network of referral services.

You are doing great work that will impact eternity. God Bless You”  

– Fire Chief, Florida

Safe Haven Baby

A Safe Haven saves the lives of  precious newborns. They now have a chance for a future, lots of love and a family.

Safe Haven

Over 5,000 young women were positively impacted and helped in order to regain their own life.

Safe Haven Baby

We assist mothers who chose a different option, that of a private licensed adoption agency of THEIR choice.

Safe Haven FL map

Continuously working and representing all of Florida; A Safe Haven for Newborns reaches all 67 Florida Counties.

Other states / countries assisted.

safe haven

A pregnant young woman’s lifeline……….

Our nationwide confidential, 24/7 multilingual, referral helpline handles over 2,000 calls annually.

NickHeadShotA Safe Haven for Newborns, a not for-profit 501©3 was created in 2001 by Nick Silverio, a man whose deep compassion and love for children led him to commit his life to saving infants from the dangers of abandonment and an almost sure death. He created the organization to honor the life of his beloved wife Gloria, who was killed in a car accident caused by a speeding driver. Nick and Gloria were married for 32 years and although they had no children due to miscarriages, they had a deep love for children and served as Godparents to 14.

A Safe Haven for Newborns speaks up for these innocent precious newborns and is dedicated to reaching pregnant young women before they reach the crisis stage.

Nick believed from the beginning if only one life was saved all of their efforts would be worthwhile.

safe haven People

2014 People Magazine – “Heroes Among Us”.

safe haven sign

Safe Haven for Newborns continues to launch statewide education and awareness campaigns.

safe haven CNN

Featured on CNN – “Impact Your World”.

safe haven Points of Light

Florida Points of Light Recognition.

Your financial support is crucial! Please support us by attending our events; donating either online or by check; thru Planned Giving and by volunteering your time.

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