Media Participation (T.V., Radio, Print) includes –

  • Public Service Announcements
  • Interviews
  • Events
  • Articles
  • News Clips
  • Initiate media events

Education and Community Awareness Outreach thru –

  • Specific education, programs, videos and activities to reach out to the at risk population, 14-22 yo.
  • Public awareness campaigns, programs and activities reaching out to the communities at large.
  • Creation & distribution of Safe Haven collateral materials and promotional items.
  • Participation in local community fairs and events.
  • Providing “Safe Haven” signage for all 24/7 “Safe Haven” facilities.
  • Active Speakers Bureau to increase public awareness and support.
  • Creation & distribution of Educational videos and public service announcements.
  • Awareness thru billboards, buses, bus benches and utilization of other mass transportation promotions.
  • On-going presentations statewide in both the public and private sectors
  • “Safe Haven” Training/Education for all 24/7 “Safe Havens” facilities.
  • “Safe Haven” Training/Education for Law Enforcement agencies.
  • Active and informative web site.
  • Use of Internet social media networks.
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