Your support can truly save a life.

We do not charge for any of our services; we rely on the generosity of caring donors. We believed from the beginning if we saved one life all our efforts would be worthwhile. Hundreds of babies have been saved and thousands of women helped in their time of crisis.

Kristopher, Gloria, and Milagros are now growing up with the love and guidance from their forever family.

Safe Haven Baby

safe haven baby rescued babies safe haven for newborns

Impact of your GIFT

♥ Giving newborns a chance for a future

 Support our 24/7 National and International helpline

♥ Help desperate women in their time of crisis

♥ Provide newborn necessities

 Support our education and community outreach programs

♥ Support our media and outdoor awareness campaign

 Maintain our professional web-based training courses

♥ Programs to reach the youth

♥ Support our capital-building campaign

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