We have assisted other states and countries in the passing and/or implementing the safe Haven Law. We share our experiences and provide at no cost: education, resources, procedures and best practices.

A Safe Haven for Newborns has gained national and international attention and has become the prototype, setting the standard in addressing this complex societal issue.

For questions or assistance in your state or country, I will be happy to assist.

Nick Silverio, Founder of A Safe Haven for Newborns

Cell: 786-246-1304

We have “partnered” with the following states in our common mission of saving the lives of precious newborns from the dangers of abandonment:

Missouri/Kansas “Safe Haven”
Kick-Off Presentation – September 16th, 2010

Good Morning…

Thank you David for those kind words and for making it possible for me to be here with all of you in the Heartland of America on this very special occasion to kick-off the “Safe Haven” life saving awareness Campaign in Missouri and Kansas.

It is so wonderful to see the community come together: The Media, Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement, Health Care Community, Child Advocates, other community agencies and the community at large with one (1) purpose: To save the lives of precious newborns from the dangers of abandonment. These babies will then have a future to grow up to be all they can be, maybe: the president of the United States, a Supreme Court Justice, a Scientist finding a cure for cancer or most important, a great mom or dad to their children.

The media has been a great partner in Florida in assisting with our public awareness campaigns.

Obviously, the “Safe Haven” program is not the final answer to the societal problems contributing to the cause of infant abandonment, but it provides a compassionate approach to saving lives of innocent and helpless babies. It is a positive outcome:

A Child’s life is saved

A mother or father is saved from a lifetime of guilt, anguish and criminal prosecution

And, the hopes and dreams of a loving family waiting to adopt are fulfilled.

I am asked what are the primary reasons for the success of the program in Florida which to date has saved 148 babies and assisted many pregnant girls/women and young mothers in their time of crisis.

They are:

1: The committed participation of all of our Safe Haven locations in Florida, which are Hospitals

and 24/7 staffed Fire Rescue/EMS stations. All have “Safe Haven” signs posted at their facilities.

2: Our 24/7 multi-lingual helpline which assist pregnant/girls/mothers as they make their decision in the

best interest of the baby and themselves.

3: A common purpose partnership with all the “Safe Haven’s” and wonderful cooperation throughout

the public and private sectors.

4: And of course, on-going public awareness throughout the communities.

It is extremely important that all “Safe Haven” facilities be on the same page regarding the program. One bad outcome reaching the media can result in sending the wrong message to girls/women in crisis who are considering the “Safe Haven” option or reaching out for help.

We are never, ever judgmental, as we believe it takes enormous compassion and a great deal of courage for the mother to surrender their baby at a “Safe Haven” vs. the tragic alternative of abandonment, often resulting in the death of the child.

I want to share one of our many lives saving and life changing stories with you:

 Share- The Gloria Hope Story

 It was an absolute pleasure working with the “Safe Haven” committee here in Kansas City. They made this day “Happen”. I want to publicly thank each one of them.

Thank you all for taking the lead in Missouri and Kansas and for being committed partners in the “Safe Haven” mission of saving precious lives. You all will truly make a difference in our complex world. –What is more important than saving an innocent, precious life?

We believed from the beginning, if we saved only one life, all of our efforts would be worthwhile.


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