The National Safe Haven Alliance works to promote these laws and increase awareness on both local and national levels. Since 2004 the National Safe Haven Alliance (NSHA) has supported all state efforts that are in alignment with the NSHA mission, to prevent infanticide and newborn abandonment through education and advocacy of the Safe Haven law. NSHA commits to supporting and assisting a parent in a crisis situation that may be unwilling or unable to care for her newborn, by providing national resources and options including parenting and adoption. The National Safe Haven Alliance works to publicize Safe Haven laws by supporting Safe Haven organizations nationally. Baby Safe Haven is saving Safe Haven Babies. The Safe Haven program and Safe Haven Alliance save Safe Baby Haven lives. Are you alone and afraid? Please let us help you. There are safe and anonymous options for you and your baby. Each year in the United States, too many babies are abandoned. Despite safe haven legislation that provides parents a safe way to relinquish their infant, lack of public awareness has limited the laws’ effects. The National Safe Haven Alliance works to promote these laws and increase awareness on both local and national levels. The organization is partnering with like-minded organizations, thus providing a compassionate and safe alternative for a parent and newborn, preventing infant abandonment. Safe Haven baby boxes are not the answer and safe haven baby box can malfunction causing death to the newborns. National Safe Haven Alliance leaders are the Safe Haven subject matter experts. The volunteer staff are advocates from across the country committed to supporting parents and providers in desperate circumstances including parenting resources, adoption support, and Safe Haven information.

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safe haven Florida and national helpline for pregnant woman +18777672229
Our Safe Haven Alliance is creating awareness Hospitals, fire stations and EMS station safe haven for babies


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Safe Haven babies are given a chance for a future. A Safe Haven baby might become the President of the United States, a Supreme Court Justice, a scientist finding a cure for cancer or most important, a great mom or dad to their children. Lives are being saved due to the strong Safe Haven alliance and partnerships with hospitals and Fire and EMS stations working to receive a Safe Haven Baby, coupled with protecting the anonymity of the parent(s) as the law allows.

This is a positive outcome for all involve; a Safe Haven baby’s life is saved; a mother or father is saved from a lifetime of guilt, anguish and legal prosecution; the hopes of a family waiting to adopt a Safe Haven baby are fulfilled.  A Safe Haven alliance includes other agencies and the private sector. A Safe Haven alliance also supports other states in their Safe Haven efforts.

A Safe Haven for Newborns is dedicated to saving the precious lives of newborns from the ultimate in infant abuse, abandonment and assisting pregnant girls and women in crisis.  A Safe Haven for Newborns, thru community outreach campaigns, education and our community service app, is dedicated to reaching pregnant girls and women before they reach the crisis stage. We do not charge for any of our services.

We assist them as they make their decision in the best interest of their baby and themselves, whether with counseling, parenting, health related issues, adoption or confidentially placing the Safe Haven Baby with their forever home. The life line of A Safe Haven for Newborns is our 24/7 confidential help line (877-767-2229).  The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, a 501©3 not for profit established the Safe Haven program in 2001 and hundreds safe haven babies now have a future and over 5,000 women helped in their time of need.

We believed from the beginning, if we saved one life, all of our efforts would be truly worthwhile.

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Nick E. Silverio

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Safe Haven golf tournament

4th Annual Tee Off for a Cause
Trump National Doral Golf
May  7, 2021

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A Wonderland for Safe Haven Gala
Intercontinental – Miami
October 16, 2021

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Safe Haven Mar-A-Lago

Holiday Cabaret Luncheon Concert
by Franco Corso & Friends

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Gloria Hope

It was Sunday. It began as an uneventful morning at a Florida Fire Station, but that all changed when the doorbell rang. There stood a young woman looking exhausted and frightened. Her face was streaked with tears. She was holding something very tight, wrapped in a nice blanket. She said, “I want to leave her in a Safe Haven.” The firefighter said, “Are you sure?” and she replied, “Yes, It is the only way. Please take good care of her.” She kissed her, placed the baby in his arms then turned and left.

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I enjoy soccer, football, drawing and magic tricks. I’m on a path to become a plastic surgeon. I love my life – I have great parents and great friends.

Because of A Safe Haven for Newborns, my world is limitless. I can be and do anything I put hard work and energy into.

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A Safe Haven for Newborns Spokesperson

Meet Ali – A remarkable young person, giving back and truly making a difference.

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What Our Leaders Say:

Florida State Senator Rene Garcia

“Public service is very rewarding, especially, when you work together with amazing organizations like A Safe Haven for Newborns that have saved over 200 lives, thus far.”

Florida Fire Chief Lars White

“The Florida fire service is truly grateful for our partnership with A Safe Haven for Newborns and the success towards saving newborn infants at 24 hour staffed fire stations statewide.”

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Safe Haven For Newborns, Truly Making A Difference

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