Bricks of Hope

There is an escalating crisis in the world. Women with an unexpected pregnancy, no support, no resources, feeling they are all alone, are abandoning their newborns in unsafe places, often not surviving. You probably have seen or heard about these tragic stories on t.v. or other news outlets even in your own community.

This does not have to happen.

There is now A Safe Haven for Newborns. Our mission is to eliminate the ultimate in infant abuse, abandonment by providing anonymous alternatives to abandonment through education, direct assistance and our 24/7 confidential helpline.

Over 300 newborns have been saved from the dangers of abandonment and are now living with their forever family and over 5,000 women assisted in their time of need/crisis. All calls are confidential, no one is judged and everyone is helped.

We believed from the beginning if we saved one life that all of our efforts would be worthwhile and that was over 300 precious babies ago.

Please meet:

My birth mother wanted me to have a future that she could not provide. Thank you Uncle Nick! If it wasn’t for A Safe Haven for Newborns, I wouldn’t be here today.

Because of A Safe Haven for Newborns I have wonderful parents and a great life. I would like my tummy mom to know that I pray for her. Thank you Uncle Nick for all you do to help babies. I thank God for you in my life.


My birth mother had hope and wanted assurances that I be with a family to take care and love me. A Safe Haven for newborns made that possible. Like me, Uncle Nick loves babies. Please support us, yes, I said us as I will always be a part of the Safe Haven family.

We have grown from a vision that came to Nick ”in the middle of the night” to address the issue of infant abandonment. He believed from the beginning if we saved one life all of our efforts would be worth while, and that was over 300 precious lives ago.

To quote a Fire Chief “You are doing great work that will have an impact into eternity”- These babies will eventually have children, who will have children and so on.

We are striving to reach long term organizational sustainability including finding a permanent home. We have been blessed with generous donations to kick off our “Bricks of Hope” Building Fund Campaign. Our goal is to raise a total of $500,000. 

If our mission has touched your heart, please consider participating in our “Bricks of Hope” Campaign. Please help us pave the way by purchasing a brick to be placed on the walkway and entrance to the facility.

Buy a Brick of Hope to help fund a new home for A Safe Haven for Newborns!

Three (3) choices available:

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$500,000Raised $194,000 towards the $500,000 target.$194,000Raised $194,000 towards the $500,000 target.39%

Frequently asked questions:

How will you use the money I am donating for the Brick purchase?

All monies donated and collected through the Bricks of Hope Campaign will be used specifically to purchase or build our new home.

Are Spaces included in the character limits?

Yes, spaces are included in your character limits.

Can I add graphics to the brick?

Yes, in place of the text but only on the 8×8 brick. Must be in a Vector format.

Is there a deadline to purchasing a brick?

There is no set deadline but remember we are raising this money to purchase our new home.

Can I buy a brick as a gift for someone else?

YES! You can purchase it for someone else, in memory of, in celebration of, anonymously and more.

Can I decide where my brick will be located on the walkway or entrance to the facility?

Unfortunately, no. The bricks will be placed randomly according to the design.

How can I purchase a brick?

There are two ways:

You can purchase a brick online or You may download and complete the form and send it by mail along with the check.

Thank you on behalf of every one of these precious babies that now have a chance for a future and the pregnant women assisted in their time of need/crisis.

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