A Safe Haven for Newborns
The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, 501(c)3

 New Home Campaign

In the realm of humanitarian endeavors, envision the prospect of saving precious lives and addressing the pressing issues of infant abandonment. Your opportunity to partake in this mission is here, as we invite you to join hands with us in making a significant and lasting contribution.

In 2001, Nicholas E. Silverio responded to his calling with a decisive move, establishing The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation 501(c)(3), dba as A Safe Haven for Newborns. The organization operates with a clear mission—to eliminate infant abandonment and provide crucial support to pregnant girls and women facing dire circumstances. In doing so, 391 infants, so far, have been rescued, offering them a chance at life.

The operational scope of our mission is expansive, involving the rescue of abandoned babies and comprehensive support for pregnant girls and women. Whether it’s facilitating the mother to keep her child or entrusting the newborn to a devoted adoptive family, the impact is profound. This network of compassion has touched thousands of women and families, leaving an indelible mark on every corner of the community.

With our decal on all 24/7 Fire/EMS stations and hospitals in all 67 Florida counties, A Safe Haven for Newborns has spearheaded statewide training for thousands of First Responders, as well as posting vital billboards with a 24-hour urgent helpline (“no questions asked”).

With 23 years of exponential growth, it is now time to establish a permanent headquarters in Miami. The “Bricks of Hope” New Home Building Capital Campaign is launched with a clear objective—ensuring the expansion of our essential work in saving lives. Consolidating into a core location will foster synergies among volunteers, helpline, staff, management, and donors. This move aims to increase awareness, functional space, and establish a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The envisioned complex includes a thrift store with baby items and a designated separate entry as a rental facility. This future home enables continued growth toward sustainability, with projects, services, enhanced outreach and operational excellence, intensifies the mission, placing A Safe Haven for Newborns at the forefront in the fight to eliminate the ultimate in infant abuse, abandonment.

The imaginative rendering was created compliments of Coastal Construction and the Murphy Family. Designed by John Murphy Jr., who stated “we can already envision those Bricks of Hope surrounded by the warmth of humanity and generous hearts!”
We are seeking either an existing structure or to break ground on available land. Our initial goal is to raise $1 million.

Your support is crucial in making this vision a reality. Please fill out the donation form below to contribute to this life saving mission and play a pivotal role in eliminating infant abandonment and saving lives. Thank you on behalf of every precious baby that will have a chance for a future and enabling humanitarian assistance for pregnant girls and women in their time of need/crisis.

My birth mother wanted me to have a future that she could not provide. Thank you Uncle Nick! If it wasn’t for A Safe Haven for Newborns, I wouldn’t be here today.

Because of A Safe Haven for Newborns I have wonderful parents and a great life. I would like my tummy mom to know that I pray for her. Thank you Uncle Nick for all you do to help babies. I thank God for you in my life.


My birth mother had hope and wanted assurances that I be with a family to take care and love me. A Safe Haven for newborns made that possible. Like me, Uncle Nick loves babies. Please support us, yes, I said us as I will always be a part of the Safe Haven family.

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