A Safe Haven for Newborns began in response to an escalating crisis all over the world. Women with an unexpected pregnancy, no support, no resources were abandoning their newborn, often resulting in death.

“We believed from the beginning if we saved one life , all of our efforts would be worthwhile. Many lives have been saved and women helped in their time of need”. Nick Silverio, Founder

When Nick is asked “What do you do”. His response “We save newborns from the ultimate in infant abuse, abandonment thru education, direct assistance and our 24/7 multilingual, confidential Florida and National helpline”.

The Safe Haven laws provide a compassionate, safe and legal alternative to infant abandonment.

We have assisted other states and countries in passing and/or implementing the Safe Haven law. We share our experiences and provide at no cost; education, resources, procedures and best practices.

A Safe Haven for Newborns has gained national and international attention and has become the prototype setting the standard in addressing this complex societal issue.

For questions or assistance in your state or country, I would be happy to assist.



Nick Silverio, Founder of A Safe Haven for Newborns.

Cell: 786-246-1304

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