How we provide direct assistance?

Safe Haven relinquishment – Our direct involvement includes:

  • Coordinating and assisting a mother with the entire “Baby Safe Haven” process.
  • Conferring and coordinating the process with “Baby Safe Haven” facilities (Hospitals, Fire/Ems stations)
  • Taking a newborn ourselves to a Safe Haven facility when it is the only option to insure the safety of the baby.
  • Education – providing education and Safe Haven resources to pregnant girls/women considering the Safe Haven option or adoption.

Medical Related Issues:
Referral assistance for any pregnancy related issues including arranging for pregnancy testing, initial appointment and transportation to regular appointments. Applying for Medicaid coverage when appropriate. Please visit for additional information in your county.

Arrange for the necessities such as: food, baby related items, baby clothes, local transportation and government sponsored programs.

Coordinate and facilitate shelter/housing requests. Facilities include Co-Ed, women only, women with children, women with infants.

Legal Issues:
Arranging for pro bono legal services for issues ranging from:

Relinquishing parental rights, regaining parental rights to restoring individual civil rights.

Burial Services:
Unfortunately, from time to time, we experience the tragedy of newborns left in an unsafe place that do not survive. We have established “The Garden of Innocence” for those precious little ones. It will provide a dignified, peaceful final resting place for any abandon baby in Florida, tragically resulting in their death. It is our hope and prayer that we never have to place an innocent child in this garden.

Direct Financial Assistance:
Limited financial assistance is provided in extreme emergencies. We have provided direct financial assistance to desperate pregnant girls/women in crisis for:

  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Legal assistance
  • Counseling
  • Baby related items
  • Burial Services for abandoned infants

Adoption Issues:

  • Information Resource located on the “Safe Haven” web site.
  • We maintain a state approved list of Safe Haven Adoption Agencies.
  • Adoption referrals, if requested, when a mother chooses not to utilize the confidential Safe Haven option.

Counseling/Parenting Education:
Provide referral services before and after the birth of the child.

To ensure the safety of the mother and child, these calls are treated with the utmost urgency as we coordinate with the appropriate facility.

Provide education and Safe Haven resources to pregnant girls/women considering the Safe Haven option, wanting to know more about the program or are all alone and just do not know what to do.

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