“A Safe Haven for Newborns” is dedicated to reaching pregnant girls and mothers before they reach the crisis stage.

We are the safety net, possibly the last resort for a pregnant girl or mother with her newborn at her moment of crisis, very often-facing life and death issues, two lives saved, the precious newborn and their mother. So many times, once assistance is provided a mother chooses to keep her child and we were there for her.

The lifeline of our organization is our 24/7 multilingual statewide referral helpline to assist pregnant girls/women in crisis. We provide quick, confidential one on one assistance accessing our extensive statewide referral database. We assist them as they make their decision in the best interest of their baby and themselves, whether with counseling, parenting, health related issues, adoption or confidentially placing their newborn with a “Safe Haven”…

The Safe Haven for babies program is saving lives, as supported by the number of newborns saved from abandonment and the many pregnant girls and women assisted during their most desperate time.

All calls are confidential and everyone is helped. We are never, ever judgmental. It takes enormous compassion and a great deal of courage to seek help vs. the tragic alternative of abandonment, often resulting in an innocent newborns death.

Without the “Safe Haven” for babies program, activities and our 24/7 multilingual referral helpline, many if not most, of the hundreds of precious newborns saved to date from the dangers of abandonment would not be here today. They are in loving homes with their adoptive parents reaching for the world, maybe the President of the United States, a Supreme Court Justice, a Scientist finding a cure for cancer or most important, a great mom or dad to their children.

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