The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation 501(C)3 – “A Safe Haven forNewborns”

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Miami, FL 33166

Contact: (305) 882-1304 Ext. 103

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We are a Volunteer organization with the ultimate goal of eliminating baby abandonment in the state of Florida through education, prevention, and statewide community involvement. We maintain a 24/7 toll-free multi-lingual referral help line assisting people (mostly women) in distress or crisis. Our mission is to save babies in danger of abandonment and preserve the health and future of their mothers and fathers.

Community Awareness and Outreach:

Distribution of materials (Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Cards, Bookmarks, etc), in your Community:

All materials are available in English, Spanish and Creole. – A list of types of places to distribute the materials can be provided to you. – An introduction letter will be provided, as well as how to introduce yourself. Note: (An activity form will be provided)- we ask that you obtain name/address, type of Business or organizations, services provided, contact info to email, mail, fax, and call. This information will be used also to update our existing Public awareness data base.

Community Fairs

At various times we participate in local fairs serving the community. The fairs are held as an example: at parks, schools or community centers, etc. Some of the fairs are on weekdays, a few at night and some on the weekend. We would like to increase our participation in these type of events throughout the communities. We provide all the materials necessary to participate in these community activities.

Community Service Clubs

“Take the lead” and create a community service club at your school.

Speakers Bureau

The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation Speakers Bureau was developed as a platform to increase public awareness and support statewide, for the “Safe Haven for Newborns” life saving program.

The Safe Haven for Newborns Speakers Bureau:

  • Is comprised of committed, knowledgeable volunteers.
  • Is available at no charge to any and all groups.
  • Requires at least a group of twenty (20) people in attendance.
  • Average length of a presentation is thirty to forty five minutes including a Q&A session.

To Become a Speaker:
We welcome anyone who is interested in making presentations to organizations or groups in the community to contact us.

  • Training and education regarding A Safe Haven for newborns will be provided.
  • All materials for your presentation will be provided.

To Schedule a Speaker:
Please contact us if you are interested in a speaker presenting at your meeting or assembly.

Our public awareness campaigns thru education, prevention and community involvement is saving lives.


Non paid Interns (Minimum of 3 months), Volunteer Intern opportunity for: – Internet Projects – Social Network Sites – Fund Raising Activities – Advancing “Safe Haven” Public Awareness Typical administration activities at the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation – “A Safe Haven for Newborns” include: – General office activities – Archiving informative: articles/ pictures/ materials/ events – Research – Mailings – Newsletters – Database Updates

Our 24/7 Multilingual referral helpline Database:

Research and create an excel spreadsheet of statewide referral organizations. Containing: Name/Address, services provided, contact information to email, Fax, mail and call. These spreadsheets will update our existing Data base which is used by our helpline to assist callers in need Statewide.

Public Awareness Statewide Data Base:

Research and create an excel spreadsheet of statewide organizations containing: Name/Address, services provided, contact information to email, Fax, mail and call. These spreadsheets will update our existing database which is used for all of our Public Awareness and Networking Activities statewide.

Special Projects:

Lets discuss the possibilities.

Grant Writing:

We continually have grant writing projects to complete throughout the year.

Fundraising Efforts

All monies received are used to support the operations of A Safe Haven for Newborns such as: our 24/7 multilingual referral helpline, materials, educational videos, signs, billboards and many community activities throughout Florida.

  • Collect pledges and donations for a walk-a-thon, radio-a-thon, bike-a-thon, or marathon.  • Contact your employer about a possible Matching Gifts program
  • Host a Fundraising reception where the proceeds go to “A Safe Haven for Newborns”
  • Collect Donated Items for us to sell on Safe Haven’s Ebay Site
  • Organize a “Silent Auction” event or create one on Safe Haven’s Ebay Site
  •  Of course we welcome your ideas.
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