Projects for International Volunteers

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Distribute Materials

Distributing educational materials in your community to create greater awareness of this life-saving program to pregnant girls and women in need or in crisis. The materials can be distributed to:

  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • Health Clinics
  • Shelters for women and families
  • High Schools
  • Faith Based Organizations


If you have experience in finding, writing, and winning private foundation and federal grants, will you share your time and a special talent with us? If yes, please tell us how.

Please visit our website to get familiarized with our program, in order to apply for grants that align with our mission.

So many caring individuals request to volunteer to take care of these precious newborns but this is not an option for volunteering, please read on:

All precious safe haven babies are provided all medical care that may be required from medical professionals at the designated Safe Haven facilities, such as Hospitals and 24/7 Fire/EMS Stations.

Once the baby is released from hospital care, all of the basic necessities and of course loving care, is provided during the process of placing the baby with their forever family, thru adoption.

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