Hello my name is Kristopher Michael,

I am very thankful for A Safe Haven for Newborns. My birthmother decided to leave me in a safe place instead of leaving me in a dangerous place.  I would like for my tummy mom to know that I pray for her.

I love my mom and dad very much and my life is super cool. We go to church on Sundays, I am homeschooled and in the 3rd grade.

I have lots of friends. I love to play soccer and baseball. I take Tae Kwan Do and guitar lessons.

When I grow up there are many things I want to do. Some of my top things are to travel the entire world, be an astronaut, be a professional soccer player, or possibly the President of the United States!


To my Uncle Nick, I want you to know that you are my hero and I love you for all you do to help babies that would not have a life if you didn’t care as much as you do! I love you so much Uncle Nick. I will thank God for you all my life!

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