We Love You Kaya

I am a witness to what a blessing A Safe Haven for Newborns is. A situation presented itself in the life of my family and I. That situation was that of an Angel, a Blessing, a Newborn abandoned baby. With no where to turn and uncertain of what to do, I contacted A Safe Haven for Newborns. With the guidance of Nick Silverio, there seemed to be some hope for what seemed at the time a hopeless situation. In a matter of time my kind sister whom cared for this precious Newborn was in contact with very helpful people. Today I am happy to say that my sister was recently contacted and advised that the baby was doing well and in good hands. God Bless this program, My Sister,and everybody that gave hope to this beautiful baby at having a much deserved happy, healthy and successful life. I never once thought a situation like this would hit so close to home. It made me aware of how serious of a situation this is. I encourage anybody and everybody to seek help in a situation which involves a newborn. It is as simple as picking up the phone. It worked for us and that beautiful baby who will always and forever be in our hearts and loved by us. Thank you Safe Haven for Newborns. God Bless you Kaya. There is an angel watching over you.
J. L. B.

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