Dear Friends ,

A wonderful person who lives in Sanford Florida has decided to share the joy of her 25th birthday to support A Safe Haven for Newborns.
Please click on the attachment and access the links  to see what this amazing person is doing to help A Safe Haven for Newborns……PLEASE take a moment and share it on your social media as well.

Celebrate my 25th by helping raise $25,000 for this organization- A Safe Haven For Newborns!!

I am turning the BIG 2-5 this July! Woohoo!

Turning 25 is considered a milestone to most people. Every year I am grateful to celebrate another birthday. However, this year I wanted to do more than just celebrate another year. I want to give back!

For my 25th birthday, in lieu of gifts, I rather help raise $25,000 to assist an amazing organization from Miami, Fl.

A Safe Haven For Newborns is an nonprofit organization dedicated to save abandoned newborns so they too can celebrate a birthday. A Safe Haven For Newborns works under the Safe Haven Law passed by Florida Legislature in 2000 that allows parents the option to leave infants up to a week old at hospitals and fire stations–no questions asked.

Nick Silverio founded this amazing organization which provides a 24-hour referral hotline for new moms on the verge of abandoning their babies. This nonprofit partners with fire chiefs, emergency medical services and hospitals to take in infants and then move them on to adoption agencies. To this date Nick Silverio and his organization has saved 213 babies!

To participate in such a great cause, you can click the link and donate…Hey let’s make it fun—if you can—donate in increments of 25!!! ($25, $250, $2,500, etc).

Remember this is not for me, this is for a cause greater than me.


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