The Florida Safe Haven Law was enacted in 2000 to address the increasing number of abandoned newborn infants left to die in hazardous environments. Some desperate mothers and fathers consider abandonment the only option for dealing with unwanted newborn infants. These situations often result in the tragic loss of innocent new lives as well as subsequent criminal legal action against the abandoning parent(s).

The Safe Haven Law is a safety net for unwanted newborn infants, and for the parents who feel they have no other choice but to abandon them. It allows mothers, fathers or others in possession of an unharmed newborn, approximately three days old or less, to leave them at designated Safe Havens with no questions asked, totally anonymous, and free from fear of prosecution.

All staffed Miami-Dade fire stations are designated Safe Havens for newborns. Fire station personnel will accept newborns with no questions asked, and provide transportation to the nearest hospital for medical care and referral to a participating private adoption agency that will arrange for placement of the newborn with a waiting family.

As a response to the tragedy of newborn abandonment in the State of Florida, A Safe Haven for Newborns was established in 2001 by the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, a 501(C)3 Florida non-profit organization. For more information, visit the Safe Haven for Newborns Website.

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