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May 10, 2019
By:  Maxine Bentzel

Kristopher Terrell was just a few days old when his biological mother gave him up in the Miami area under Florida’s Safe Haven law.

Nick Silverio, the founder of the nonprofit “A Safe Haven for Newborns,” says she called their 24-hour crisis hotline not knowing what to do.

“My mother was young,” Terrell said. “She didn’t really have a choice but to give me up at the time.”

Kristopher, now 15 years old, was handed over to Silverio. He was then placed into adoption.

“The moment I saw him you couldn’t have torn him from my arms. I was in love and that was my son,” Aja Iglesias Terrell said.

Kristopher and his mom are forever thankful that Kristopher’s biological mother knew about the Safe Haven law and didn’t abandon him somewhere unsafe.

“It feels amazing to know that I was saved from infant abandonment and that my life could’ve been so much different. I’m very grateful,” Terrell said.

He is now channeling his gratitude into activism by using his voice to help eliminate infant abandonment.

“There’s hope for women who think there’s no hope,” Terrell said. “There’s a place to go and a different path to go down other than infant abandonment.”

If you or someone you know needs help, you can get it 24/7 by calling A Safe Haven for Newborns’ free confidential multilingual hotline at 1-877-767-2229.

You can also download their app a “Safe Haven Community Service” and visit their website.

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