Wednesday, September 01, 2010 12:57 PM
LAKE WORTH, Fla. – Police need your help finding a mother at the center of a mystery.

Monday night a fetus was found at the Lake Worth beach.

Sheriff’s deputies say it was 20 weeks old and discovered about 100 yards away from the Lake Worth pier.

Beach visitors expressed shock and surprise.  Denise Santiago of Lake Worth said, “It’s just horrible that someone would actually just leave a fetus here and not have any regards to it at all and just go about their normal day.”

There were no sign of parents when someone found the fetus and called 911.

George Newman of Lake Worth said, “Seriously it’s just the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. But you know what I would think. I would think probably they were on a boat if they don’t know don’t know if it washed in. I think they were on a boat.”

Investigators aren’t sure if the fetus washed ashore.

They say they’re concerned about the mother and are searching for her identity.

While the investigation continues, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue says there’s always an alternative to abandonment.

Operation Child Safe allows parents to leave a newborn at a fire station or hospital without being charged.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Captain Don Deulucia said, “The whole idea behind a safe haven for children is, we’re available. You know, bring the baby here, don’t abandon that child. There’s so many success cases where down the road, you have healthy kids.”

The sheriff’s department and county fire rescue does not have numbers for how many newborns have been left at fire stations or hospitals.

A program called A Safe Haven for Newborns has more information about programs helping parents plan for alternatives to newborn abandonment.

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