Thank you from the bottom of

my heart for all you do to save

the lives of innocent little babies.

If I would have had the chance

that young girls and women have

today with the Florida Safe Haven

for Newborns options, I would

have saved my baby’s life.

There are babies now being fed,

rocked and loved today because

of everyone associated with the

Gloria M. Silverio Foundation –

“A Safe Haven for Newborns.”

– Anonymous



Without “Safe Haven” our

family would not exist as we

know it. Our daughter may not

have been given the opportunity

or chance at life that she is

experiencing now. We certainly

would not have been experiencing

this amazing joy watching her

grow into a happy, beautiful little

girl. Thank you for changing our

lives and the life of our daughter

through this wonderful

“Safe Haven” program.

– M.S.F.


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