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May 9, 2019
posted by Joel Malkin

While police look for the parents who placed a newborn baby girl in a Boca Raton-area dumpster, Nick Silverio with the non-profit “A Safe Haven For Newborns” reminds us about Florida’s Safe Haven law.

It allows mothers to bring their babies to certain locations, as long as they are within one week old.

“The two Safe Haven facilities are hospitals and 24/7 staffed fire and EMS stations. And all of those facilities have Safe Haven signage, which is our signage, outside their facility.”

He says that 302 babies have been left safely statewide since the law was enacted back in 2000.

The moms must make contact with a person at the facilities. Simply dropping off their babies is considered abandonment.

But Silverio stresses the decision must be taken seriously.

“If a mom things that she can place the baby in safe haven and six months later she’s in a better situation, reclaim the child…that’s not possible.”

He says mothers have up to 30 days to change their minds and then must undergo DNA testing and go through the courts to reclaim their child.

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