The Owensboro fire department is working to raise awareness on the Kentucky’s safe haven law enacted in 2002. The law allows a parent to leave their newborn child with the hospital, police, or fire departments without question. Lori Lewis has been working for nine years to bring more attention to the safe haven law to the Owensboro community. Today, she and her daughter, Gloria, were successful in doing that, and new safe haven signs will be going up on all fire departments in Owensboro.

Gloria Lewis says she loves to sing and read. She says she doesn’t have a favorite book, rather many favorite book series. She was adopted by her parents after she was dropped off at a fire station in Florida under that state’s safe haven law. Her mother, Lori, says she came to their home at four days old wrapped in the blanket.

Gloria, now 11, and her mother have worked to raise safe haven awareness, and their had work has paid off. Owensboro Fire Chief Steve Mitchell says putting the signs up at the stations will not only add to that awareness, but let people know fire departments are actual safe havens. It’s that awareness that mother and daughter know is vital. Lewis says it’s important that women have the opportunity to take their baby to a safe place and leave them because they’re in a situation where they can’t be a parent and that’s life-threatening for them and their child.

Lewis hopes that someone in Owensboro can share the same story she has when it comes to Gloria. Gloria says she feels very loved and knows that no matter what, she and her mother can do anything together. She says that it is her goal to have all fire departments in Kentucky to display the safe haven signs. Then, once that’s done, she’ll start working on every state to do the same.

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