By Lars D. White, EFO, Fire Chief

A Safe Haven for Newborns is pleased to announce that 219 newborn infants have been saved at both fire stations and hospitals statewide since inception of the Florida Surrendered Infant Law.  The overall success of the program is largely due to the commitment of the Florida Fire Service and Hospitals in partnership with A Safe Haven for Newborns.  FFCA President Kingman Schuldt stated “the partnership with FFCA and A Safe Haven for Newborns has been effective in its purpose to save the life of newborn infants at risk of abandonment”.

The multitude of Fire Rescue Departments throughout the state has played a significant role towards this outcome.  This has been achieved by active participation in assuring Firefighters, EMT’s and Paramedics complete the free web based training and refresher training on a regular basis, installing and maintaining the Safe Haven for Newborns signs and decals on stations and apparatus, and providing public education materials in every opportunity in each community.  In addition, the promotion of the 24/7 crisis toll free help line has provided emergency service to so many mothers in their desperate time of need.

A Safe Haven for Newborns encourages your organization to implement the web based training for new hire orientation programs, in service and annual refresher training.  The education program also provides for one continuing education credit towards EMT and Paramedic re-certification.  A Safe Haven for Newborns provides state wide statistical collection for both surrendered and abandoned infants, media assistance, multi-language public education materials, crisis help line and also is the prototype program other states have elected to pattern their surrendered infant programs from.

Our partnership with the Florida Fire Chief’s Association, Florida Fire Marshal’s and Inspector’s Association, local Fire Chief groups and your individual department is reflective of a successful program that is working towards a common goal of saving newborn infant lives.  A Safe Haven for Newborns has been honored to be part of the Annual Florida Fire Chief’s Association Fire Rescue East Conference which affords an opportunity to meet so many wonderful department representatives.

It is the goal this current year to encourage those Fire Rescue Departments that have not completed the free web based training to do so and assure all of your individual fire station that are staffed 24/7 have legible signs.  Please contact us at 305-882-1304, extension 103 or via e-mail at and let us know how we can assist you.  Once again thank you for your commitment to saving newborn infant lives!

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