City of Oviedo Fire/Rescue

400 Alexandria Blvd Oviedo, Florida 32765 (407) 971-5610
Physical Address: 1934 CR 419 W Oviedo FL 32766

Lars White, Fire Chief

City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Department

400 Alexandria Blvd.

Oviedo, FL 32765

As a twenty-seven year veteran of the Florida Fire Service and presiding as the Fire Chief for the past seven years for the City of Oviedo, I wish to convey my endorsement for the Florida Surrendered Infant Law and the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation-A Safe Haven for Newborns.  In fact, our agency has personally experienced a newborn life saved when a young mother brought her newborn infant to one of our Fire Stations under the premise of the Florida Surrendered Infant Law.  The outcome was two lives saved including the newborn infant and the mother.  Our Firefighters also recognized the importance of the law during this situation and commented they were grateful Florida had enacted legislative protective measures in order to save lives.

As a representative of the Florida Fire Chief’s Association and other various Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management affiliations, I have the opportunity to assist A Safe Haven for Newborns in the State of Florida in promoting the Florida Surrendered Infant Law and as equally important supporting the mission of A Safe Haven for Newborns “dedicated to saving the precious lives of newborns from the dangers of abandonment and assisting pregnant girls/women in crisis”.

I have been fortunate enough to provide training on this subject throughout the state to Fire, EMS, Hospitals, Law Enforcement, Schools, and the Media and in my travels found great support and commitment from many public safety professionals.  It is very clear to me that the success of the Florida Surrendered Infant Law is a direct result of the support from Fire, EMS and Hospitals as specified in the law itself.  These organizations directly impact the outcome of each individual Safe Haven situation and success can be attributed directly to active participation with the Safe Haven for Newborns Foundation, delivering training to employees, utilizing the media tactfully as a public education opportunity as well as financial support.  In my personal and professional opinion, the overall success of this Florida Law is based upon the cooperative foundation in which the law was written.  Our agency will remain an active participant now and into the future.


Lars D. White, Fire Chief

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