Fire Service Issue December 2022

After several long months of planning and documents of support, A Safe Haven for Newborns now has a specialty license plate celebrating the program and its commitment to preventing newborn [...]

Every life is precious

“Every life is precious. We must and will, protect every newborn to grow up to be all they can be and to know that they are truly loved.”  LC Artwork […]

A Safe Haven for Abandoned Babies

Pro-lifers are often accused of merely being “pro-birth” and therefore negligent of the needs of mother and child post-partum. My friend, Nick Silverio is living proof that being pro-life extends [...]

Saving Newborns in His Wife’s Memory

Silverio said he leaned on God and his faith during the tough times, and that his faith called on him to give back. Charity is another virtue he likes to share with others. In the act of giving, [...]

ASHFN Golf Tournament back at Doral

A Safe Haven for Newborns 4th Annual Golf Tournament is back at Trump National Resort on Friday, May 4. This is one of A Safe Haven for Newborns’ big fundraisers and is certainly one that golfers [...]

Every life is precious

Every life is precious. God welcomed another angel home. Baby Kensiel was born 4 ½ months premature and fought with all his might to live, until God called him home.

Why Are We Here?

God gave all of us special talents and so many minutes, hours, days to live a meaning, purposeful life. So, find your purpose in life.