CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. (WSVN) — A newborn baby is safe after she was dropped off at a South Florida fire station.

Firefighters at Fire Station 43 had just returned from a call Monday night and were completing some paperwork when they heard a strange sound by their front door. “We thought it was someone’s ringtone on their phone actually,” said firefighter George Gochenour.

After a few seconds, the sound was identified as a baby’s cry. As they approached the front door, they saw a shadow of what appeared to be a moving leg. “Sure enough, there was a baby out front wrapped in a couple shirts,” said Gochenour.

The newborn baby girl was wrapped in some T-shirts with the umbilical cord and placenta attached. “She was just born, still attached to the placenta. We went ahead and clamped the cord, cut the cord on our way to the hospital,” said Gochenour.

The child was rushed to Northwest Medical Center as a precaution and appeared to be in good condition.

According to Florida state law, a parent can drop off a child up to seven days old at any fire station or hospital. As a result, 159 babies have been saved due to the Safe Haven Program so far. “This little girl now has a chance for a future,” said Safe Haven Program founder Nick Silverio.

Gochenour said it is a good feeling to know they saved another baby. “Knowing that we got her in time, and she was alive and well when we dropped her off, is a good feeling,” said Gochenour.

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