A young couple believes in giving back to help us save the lives of precious newborns!

A Young Couple Store – LeeAnne and Andy Delgado

In September 2014 we both quit our jobs to focus on each other and figure out a small business that would allow us to continue spending time together and provide a service to the community. In December we found out that I was pregnant and due in August. That put a lot of pressure on us to figure things out and we found the hot dog business to be a perfect fit. We both love to cook, make people smile, and we could run a cart together!

We still wanted a way to give back and after doing a ton of research we found Safe Haven for Newborns (https://asafehavenfornewborns.com). Several women in my family have hidden pregnancies or had an abortion and I know how much damage that did to them mentally and emotionally. Young women especially need to know that there are options and people in this world that want to help them and the new life they created. Our hot dog cart is located currently at the Opalocka Hialeah Flea Market (12705 NW 42nd Ave, Opalocka, FL 33054) some of our proceeds of every hot dog will go to Safe Haven for Newborns.

LeeAnne and Andy Delgado
Liberty Catering LLC

Please support this wonderful couple by visiting their Hot Dog Cart at Opalocka Hialeah Flea Market.


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