PAHOKEE — A three-hour old infant boy was turned over to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue personnel tonight under the safe haven law, Fire Rescue spokesman Don DeLucia said.

The child was brought by its mother to the Pahokee fire station at 171 N Lake Avenue. The child was checked out by fire rescue personnel before being taken to the hospital, where he is in good condition, DeLucia said.

Fire Rescue Capt. Craig Prusansky, who was at the station when the child was brought in, said that it was his first experience with a safe haven child.

“I think it’s terrific, to be able to help out a newborn and to keep it alive (was special),” Prusansky said.

He said his hope is that more parents will become aware of the law.

“The system is in place to keep the baby safe and keep them alive and it actually worked,” he said. “We want people to realize that there is a system in place and it works. This is proof of that.”

Prusanky said the child’s mother appeared to be in her mid 30s, but she did not volunteer any personal information.

Florida’s safe-haven law allows a parent to drop off a newborn within three days of birth at any fire station or hospital. It ensures parents cannot be investigated, prosecuted or forced to identify themselves as long as there is no indication the infant was abused.

Since 2000 when the law was passed, 148 babies have been left at safe havens statewide, 10 in Palm Beach County, according to A Safe Haven for Newborns, a Miami-based advocacy group

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