April 1, 2019

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A Safe Haven for Newborns Welcomes the 300th Safe Haven Baby into the World Miami, Florida – The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, 501(c)3, A Safe Haven for Newborns, welcomed the 300th precious Safe Haven baby into the world a couple of weeks ago; (294 in Florida, five in other states and one precious child in the country of Honduras) her name is Katty and she was born in the state of Florida; and is now with her forever family. With Katty’s birth, the Safe Haven family grew to be 143 girls and 157 boys that now have a chance for a future and lots of love with their forever families. To date, the Foundation has assisted over 5,000 women in their time of need/ crisis. “It is wonderful to know and often see these precious children grow up physically, emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually,” said Nick Silverio, founder of The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, A Safe Haven for Newborns.

There is an escalating crisis all over the world; mothers with an unexpected pregnancy, no support, and no resources are abandoning their newborn — who often do not survive. This tragedy was happening in Florida, all too often.

The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, 501(c)3, A Safe Haven for Newborns, was founded in 2001 to eliminate the ultimate in infant abuse — abandonment. The Foundation has become the prototype for other states and countries in addressing this issue. The helpline receives calls from all over Florida and beyond. All calls are confidential. At Safe Haven, they strive to assist the moms in having a health  pregnancy and to deliver their baby at a hospital. Quite often when she receives assistance, she chooses to keep her baby, and Safe Haven was there for her. They assist the expectant mother as she makes her decision in the best interest of her baby and herself by referring her to one of the many services that are available to them, at no charge, such as counseling, parenting, health-related issues, adoption, or confidentially placing their newborn with a participating Safe Haven adoption agency. Newborns, less than seven days old, can be left at participating hospitals or 24/7 staffed fire/EMS stations without fear of repercussions.

Seventeen years ago, at approximately 5 AM on a Saturday morning, the 24/7 confidential helpline received a call that a beautiful, healthy newborn girl was left in the arms of a Florida Firefighter at a Fire Station. Her mother wanted the baby to have a future she could not provide. The firefighters named the baby Carol Gloria. Gloria was the name of Nick’s wife “I do not believe in coincidence. I was overwhelmed with joy,” said Nick when he was told the baby’s name.

What is more important than saving the life of a precious, innocent newborn? “We believed from the beginning that if we saved one life, all our efforts would be worthwhile and that was 300 precious lives ago,” said Nick. To learn more about Safe Haven for Newborns, please visit our Web site at To quote a Fire Chief  “You are doing great work that will impact eternity.”

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” ~Mark Twain.


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