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July 2018

A Safe Haven for Newborns, a nonprofit statewide organization, has and will continue to launch a public awareness outdoor and digital media campaign to help eliminate infant abandonment.  Billboards will be placed in various counties throughout Florida with support from the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Outdoor Advertising Association.  Also, the campaign  includes awareness outreach thru digital media and Safe Haven decals  placed on all AMR (American Medical Response ambulances) throughout Florida.
Nick Silverio, founder of A Safe Haven for Newborns believes “If we save one precious life and help one mother all of our efforts are worthwhile.”
The campaign aims to increase awareness of A Safe Haven for Newborns mission to assist women with crisis pregnancies and combat infant abandonment through education, prevention and community involvement.  The organization’s 24/7 statewide multilingual referral helpline is a lifeline that provides confidential assistance to pregnant women as they make their decisions regarding parenting, health, adoption or placing their newborn at a Safe Haven location.
“The Florida Outdoor Advertising Association understands the power advertising has, which is why we are proud to partner with A Safe Haven for Newborns and support their commitment to the wellbeing of mothers and newborns,” said Charlotte Brand Audie, President and CEO of the FOAA.  “WE hope our contributions will encourage those in need to take advantage of the invaluable resources and assistance that this organization has to offer.”
About the Florida Safe Haven Law
Under the Florida Safe Haven Law, a mother, father or guardian may leave an unharmed newborn, approximately seven days old or less with a staff member at Safe Haven locations which are ,a hospital, or 24/7 staffed fire rescue or 
emergency medical service station anonymously and without fear of prosecution.  A participating private adoption agency will arrange placement of the newborn with a waiting family.  All of these Safe Haven locations in Florida, in addition to American Medical Response (AMR) ambulances, display A Safe Haven for Newborns signage or decal.
As a result A Safe Haven for Newborns efforts more than 5000 women received help in their time of need and 282 newborns have been given a safe and promising future with their forever family. 
About A Safe Haven for Newborns
A Safe Haven for Newborns was established in 2000 by the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, a 5013c not-for profit statewide organization.  They are recognized as the pro-type organization nationwide in addressing this issue.  A Safe Haven for Newborns speaks up for the innocent precious newborns and focuses on reaching pregnant women before they reach the crisis stage.  Public education and awareness is saving lives.  They are launching an App this coming school year that will allow high school and higher education students to earn their community service hours with A Safe Haven for Newborns from anywhere in the state.  
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