A SAFE HAVEN FOR NEWBORNS; Baby #233 – Just Born

The Mission is simple – to save a newborn’s life from abandonment and probable death; to assist the mother during a confusing and difficult time; to make dreams come true for an adoptive family. This baby has a chance at life; a chance for a family, a home and love. With this birth, A Safe Haven for Newborns has saved 233 precious little newborns and provided assistance and counseling to thousands of young pregnant women. Dedicated to reaching pregnant girls and mothers before they reach the crisis stage, A Safe Haven for Newborns acts as the safety net, possibly the last resort for a pregnant young woman. She is facing life and death issues; we are here to help save two lives, the baby and their mother.

A 24/7 Multi-lingual Helpline– all calls are confidential. Everyone obtains assistance. From a pregnant 14 year old girl and her mother calling seeking help to a 32 year old pregnant woman living in her car for three weeks. From a 19 year old college student who was pregnant, had not received medical care and was due to give birth any day. Arrangements were made for her to receive immediate medical attention, coordinated the Safe Haven process with the hospital and then offered her counseling. She had a healthy baby girl. The baby was placed for adoption in a loving home. The young girl wrote a letter thanking A Safe Haven for Newborns and wanted to tell the hospital how appreciative she was for their compassion and for not judging her.

“We believed from the beginning, if we saved only one life, all of our efforts would be worthwhile.” (Nick Silverio, Founder)

Over 200 volunteers statewide – all pursuing the vision; to eliminate infant abandonment in Florida through education, outreach, prevention and grassroots community involvement and to assist pregnant young women to realize a productive future.

A Safe Haven serves the entire state of Florida. You can leave a newborn at any 24/7 manned fire station and/or hospital ER or emergency center and ask that your newborn be placed in Safe Haven protection; no questions asked; completely confidential.

Donations are our lifeblood – YOU can save a baby from abandonment. Visit the website for additional information and receive information for sponsorship opportunities at our upcoming Annual Gala on November 7th. Give from the heart so a baby has a chance at life.
www.asafehavenfornewborns.com martibueso@asafehavenfornewborns.com




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