A Safe Haven for Newborns is a nonprofit committed to the wellbeing of mothers and newborns alike, doing wonderful work here in South Florida.

Nick Silverio, founder and CEO, says there’s an escalating crisis of mothers with no resources leaving babies in unsafe places. Through education and grassroots community involvement, the group is reaching these women before they get to the crisis stage. There is even a 24/7 resource helpline.

Silverio and his wife were married for over 30 years and never had children. Unfortunately, his wife was killed in a car accident caused by a speeding driver. While he was up one night after, unable to sleep, he saw a page in a magazine about infant abandonment, and he believes it was a sign for him to get involved and help.

At this point, the group has helped over 5,000 women, and 339 babies. Through the helpline, women can get counseling, can be placed in shelters or maternity homes, help for abusive situations, and much more.

“Anyone listening today, if you’re pregnant and hiding your pregnancy, or know someone who is, please call us, we can help you,” he says.

You can learn more about resources at or call the Florida helpline at 1-877-767-2229, or the National Helpline at 1-844-767-2229

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