April 27th, 2018



A Safe Haven for Newborns Presentation


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

First I want to say how sorry I am not to be able to be with you this year. Our new landlord gave all the occupants in our building very short notice to re-locate to one of their other buildings by May 1st, 2018. I look forward to being with you next year. I am truly honored to be a member of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Thank you so much for your generosity and for caring with your support. Everyone associated with our mission is a volunteer, including myself. Every donation received goes toward our 24/7 helpline and programs to save the lives of the most innocent and helpless among us, newborns.

I want to share just one of the many life saving stories with you: It was Father’s day. It all began as an uneventful morning at a Fire Station, but that all changed when the doorbell rang. There stood a young woman, looking exhausted & frightened. Her face was streaked with tears. She was holding something very tight, wrapped in a nice blanket. She said, “I want to leave her in a Safe Haven.” The Fire Fighter said, “Are you sure”. She replied, “yes, it is the only way. Please take good care of her.” She placed the baby in his arms, turned and left.

The young mother had called our confidential, 24/7 helpline for assistance prior to surrendering the baby. Two days after the original call, she called again. She had two letters for us to give to the adoptive parents, one for them & the other to be read at the appropriate time to the baby, now called Gloria Hope. We met the mother at a Church, it was a very emotional meeting. The message to Gloria Hope is; “You did not think I loved you because I gave you up but that is exactly why I did it. I didn’t have a future & wanted you to have one.” Gloria Hope is now 15 years old and has become a Safe Haven for Newborns Ambassador.

A baby is such a precious gift, a miracle, so innocent and so helpless. We feel sense of absolute joy and are overwhelmed when a little life is saved. Because of your support, little lives are being saved under our program – 280 babies (275 in Florida, 4 in other states and one little one in the country of Honduras) now have a future, lots of love with their forever families. We welcomed 7 little blessings into the world this year alone. Without A Safe Haven for Newborns, many if not most of these precious children would not be here today.

The “Safe Haven for Newborns” program is working – we are saving lives and our toll free 24/7 multilingual helpline has assisted many girls/women in need or crisis. But there is still so much more to do. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate infant abandonment in the state of Florida and with your continued help, we will.

PLEASE… share us on your social media. Public awareness is saving lives.

Thank you again on behalf of all the little ones saved who now have a future and for the many girls/women assisted in their time of crisis.

With sincere appreciation,

Nick Silverio, Founder
The Gloria Silverio Foundation- “A Safe Haven for Newborns”


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